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Our Team

RARA has gone through several changes over the last few years, with the purchase of our building, modifications due to the pandemic, a new logo, and renovations to the Neighborhood Grocery, but we are as committed as ever to our core programming. These years have highlighted just how essential our services are, as even in the best of times, many people live only one incident away from not being able to make ends meet on their own. Whether it's due to sudden car trouble, missing work while caring for a family member, or receiving an unexpected bill, we are here to help in times of need. Thanks to our strong team of staff, board members, volunteers, and community supporters, we are well positioned to provide that assistance for many years to come.


Lindsey Pérez, Executive Director


Lindsey Pérez

Executive Director

Shadrey Sands

Programs Manager

Joanne Peretti

Office Manager

(540) 463-6943

Neighborhood Grocery Coordinator

(540) 463-6642

HelpLine Coordinator


Jon Ellestad, President

Amanda Green, Vice President

Valerie Moliterno, Treasurer

Gabrielle Tremo, Secretary

Atin Basu

Nicholas Betts

Cathy Carlock

Dennis Cross

Fiorela Giraldo Prado de Lewis

Jim Kvach

Trenya Mason

Karla Murdock

Gordon Spice

Daphne Stickley

Adam Whipple

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